The lives of a young woman and a young man are intertwined and forever changed by their work at a regenerative human limb corporation.


This project is intended to be a synchronized three-screen short film installation. Left and right screens will be each 12 minutes long. The middle screen will be activated in a few selected scenes.

The left screen tells the story of Shelby, a factory worker who regenerates her limbs to be later amputated and sold as a product. Such workers are called Lizardians.

The middle screen reveals the corporation/factory.

The right screen tells the story of Caleb, another factory worker who uses defective regenerated limbs to create fine art sculptures. The three screens will be installed next to each other, immersing the viewers in the three different realities at the same time.


In Lizardians, the lives of a young woman and a young man are intertwined and forever changed by their work at a regenerative human limb corporation. The three screens each portray the body part producer (young woman), the body part user (young man) and the corporation.

The young woman endures pain to regenerate her limbs in order to make ends meet, while the young man uses his job as the handler of defective limbs in the corporation to become an art superstar. Their synchronous yet contrasting lives unfold separately on the left and right screens until the three screens merge and they meet in a gallery exhibition of his sculpture work.

The story is about people having to sell their bodies and souls in order to survive in the modern society. Especially, the project is critical towards the commercialization of young women’s bodies and the lack of control women have over the use of their own bodies/images. The story is inspired by my research on the lives of young women workers in the electronic parts industry in China and semi-conductor industry in South Korea. My personal experiences of being a young woman artist in three different countries (South Korea, Germany and USA) are reflected in the story as well. The film will merge live-action, CGI, sculpture, and Virtual Reality content to create an immersive and active viewing experience. By presenting the three screens side by side, the viewers witness the interconnectedness of these three realities and how they have influence over one another.

Left screen: Shelby (19), a young woman, is inside a clinical room, lying on a bed with a transparent tube plugged into her stomach.

Right screen: Caleb (25) works in an incineration room on the other side of the same building.

Middle screen: The Factory/ Regenerative Limb Corporation